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How To Get 10X More Done in Less Time

How To Get 10X More Done in Less Time

If you’ve been following my How to Clone Yourself series, then this is the ultimate episode that you do NOT want to miss! Today, we’re finally going to get deep into the nitty-gritty of putting together your systems. The systems that will make it feel as...

Want More Profits? Lifehack Your Systems!

Want More Profits? Lifehack Your Systems!

Are you ready for the next step in our How to Clone Yourself series? Because I am SO excited to help you build on the skills revealed in the first 5 episodes of this series!You’re going to want to take some notes, because this episode digs even deeper into...

How to Unlock the Power Of Systems with a Few Tweaks

How to Unlock the Power Of Systems with a Few Tweaks

Even more than hiring, even more than outsourcing, what is the most vital thing that you can do to simplify your day-to-day workload and streamline your business processes?Design and implement intuitive systems.Systems are an underpraised cornerstone of...

Keep on Driving! [Use this to focus on your goal in 2015]

Keep on Driving! [Use this to focus on your goal in 2015]

Even if you are a hyper focused person, you are a busy CEO and have a lot going on in life.  It's easy to get sidetracked and derailed when working toward the big goal! SQUIRREL!! 😉 This strategy will help with that! Come take a drive with me! ROAD TRIP!!!!!!! (Read...

Are you Building the Wrong Kind of Business Plan?

Whenever Fall rolls around I start having flashbacks to my corporate days where most of the fourth quarter would be spent nailing down budgets and plans for the coming year. A big part of that exercise was to recap how the year went and if we met our goals. Usually we...

LifeOps: Do You Really Want to Work ALL the Time?

Last week my sister was visiting as we were sitting chatting I popped open my laptop to look up something on Google, she asked me a question that I can’t stop thinking about - “Do you really want to work all the time?” It’s the perfect LifeOps topic in more ways than...

Why Being a Jerk Doesn't Pay

Remember the saying “nice guys finish last”? Nothing could be further from the truth. Nice business owners finish first. Because being nice is not what you think. Being nice doesn’t mean you are naive. It’s a way to do business without being a jerk. If you’ve ever...

Should I hire my friend?

If you haven't been asked already, at some point in your time as a CEO and business owner, someone you know and love will ask you if you have some work they can do. Let's call her Sally. Sally might be your neighbor's daughter, your best friend who is inspired by you...

Delegating 101 – Curse of Knowledge

Have you ever heard of the curse of knowledge? If not, get ready to have a major “aha” moment! The curse of knowledge is a phenomenon that says that it’s difficult to remember what it’s like to not know how to do something once you’ve learned it. So like, if you’ve...



There’s a new CEO on the block––the Modern CEO–who is changing the was businesses are run. She’s setting her own hours and her own salary. She’s creating a business around what matters most to her…freedom, family, and impact. And her corner office looks nothing like what you’d see on Wall Street. It’s a kitchen table, your grandma’s lake house, a spacious home office, the living room floor (surrounded by kids and crayons), or the local coffee shop. When you embrace your role as modern CEO, you will have more freedom, more profit, and more fun. This isn’t a pipe dream only reserved for a select few. You are the Modern CEO.



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