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Make Time Work For You: Discover Your Productivity Superpower

Did you know that, on average, only 2 hours and 53 minutes of an 8-hour workday are actually productive? That sounds crazy, right? What does this mean for your own productivity? Where is your time going -- and how can you optimize it to best serve your business?? Time...

My Cloning Secret: The Get Efficient Prioritization Matrix

Imagine this: you wake up tomorrow morning, your head full of your list of things to do that day. But before you can even pour your first cup of coffee, your inbox starts to fill up with notifications that your actions items are done-done-DONE! Then someone who looks...

How To Clone Yourself

Is there anyone out there who doesn't want to get more done in less time?? Yeah, that's what I thought! Well, in episode 7 of the Modern CEO podcast, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. Wait for it .... I'm going to teach you how to clone yourself! No, it...

How To Create Your Own Productivity Playbook!

Picture yourself arriving home from IKEA with a brand new desk. Of course, the desk is in pieces in a box. You're going to have to put a little bit of work into putting it together. So, what's the first thing you do once you open the box? You're going to read the...

Is Hustling A Good Thing?

Balls to the wall!! Do you really want it? You’ve got to hustle like you mean it girl! 😉 Hold the phone, sister soul!!!! Hustle 24/7 and you are setting yourself up for massive burn out. Do you need to hustle from time to time? Yes!! Can it even be FUN to hustle from...

One Tool to Get More Done in Less Time

First, a pop quiz!!!!! Technically, this is really one part quiz, one part riddle. What is your most important resource? Here are your clues: Once I am gone, I’m gone forever. How you use me shows what you value. I will rob you of your day if you don’t pay attention...

How to Squash Idea Overload

I’ve learned from some of the best and the brightest entrepreneurs on the block and there is something we have in common as entrepreneurs, no matter what level our business has grown to. It’s our blessing and our curse as entrepreneurs to be full of ideas. Our...

Screw Your Title (And What To Call Yourself Instead)

There’s a better way to communicate with people about what you do than your title that will: Make people pay attention Start conversation Get you more referrals Increase leads for your business In fact your title, doesn’t really tell me anything about the results you...

Is it Time? You’re Fired!! Find out with Our Org Chart Template.

There comes a time in everyone’s business when you will need to fire yourself from something or another.  Not necessarily because you are bad at it, but because you need to focus on different things as your business grows and evolves. For example, just this weekend I...



There’s a new CEO on the block––the Modern CEO–who is changing the was businesses are run. She’s setting her own hours and her own salary. She’s creating a business around what matters most to her…freedom, family, and impact. And her corner office looks nothing like what you’d see on Wall Street. It’s a kitchen table, your grandma’s lake house, a spacious home office, the living room floor (surrounded by kids and crayons), or the local coffee shop. When you embrace your role as modern CEO, you will have more freedom, more profit, and more fun. This isn’t a pipe dream only reserved for a select few. You are the Modern CEO.



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