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Are You Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With?

Are You Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With?

You’ve probably heard the classic line from Jim Rohn that you’re the “average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It’s simply the law of averages, and when it comes to business, an inalienable truth. That’s why you see tight knit groups of entrepreneurs...

Baby Steps to Your Big Vision

Last week I was talking to a client about her overall vision and she told me that she doesn’t feel like she has one big vision, but rather many smaller visions. But as we explored that a bit more, it was clear that all these “baby” visions tied back to her big mama...

LifeOps: Do You Really Want to Work ALL the Time?

Last week my sister was visiting as we were sitting chatting I popped open my laptop to look up something on Google, she asked me a question that I can’t stop thinking about - “Do you really want to work all the time?” It’s the perfect LifeOps topic in more ways than...

How to Get Lucky

Do you consider yourself lucky? I don't win the lottery very often.  Then again, I don't really EXPECT to win the lottery.  I don't actually think about it that often. I don't find four leaf clovers on the regular.  I don't really look for them that often either. I...

Failure Can Lead to Success – 9/10 Self Made Millionaires Agree

  The idea of me causes a business owner’s heart rate to spike. Most self made millionaires have had at least 3 of me. Seth Godin observes “countless entrepreneurs have perfected” giving up when they see me coming. Macy’s Pixar, Heinz, and JetBlue wouldn’t be...

Money In. Money Out. (Budget Template Included)

We’ve been talking money lately!  When you have a money plan in place for your business, your growth will come 3x faster. I’m crazy committed to your growth so I’m going to help you get your budget in place. Don’t waste your time digging for a budget template....



There’s a new CEO on the block––the Modern CEO–who is changing the was businesses are run. She’s setting her own hours and her own salary. She’s creating a business around what matters most to her…freedom, family, and impact. And her corner office looks nothing like what you’d see on Wall Street. It’s a kitchen table, your grandma’s lake house, a spacious home office, the living room floor (surrounded by kids and crayons), or the local coffee shop. When you embrace your role as modern CEO, you will have more freedom, more profit, and more fun. This isn’t a pipe dream only reserved for a select few. You are the Modern CEO.



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