What are you going to do this year that challenges you? That forces you to grow and change a little bit? That proves to you that you’re capable of more than you thought you were? Just a little bit of pushing outside of your comfort zone can MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. That goes for your life AND your business! Making things happen doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, my friend, it can be a lot of fun! So get ready to start checking things off of your bucket list and let’s get your year off to an amazing start! In my latest podcast episode, I share:

  • How to use intention-setting to tailor your business growth in amazing ways
  • How the stories you tell yourself–about yourself–shape your reality
  • How to gamify your business bucket list and make achieving your goals a blast!

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02:00  It’s time to be real — let’s talk anxiety!

5:15  “Everything happens right on time.”

5:58  Results and outcomes come from where you set intentions

7:45  Be careful about the stories you tell yourself

8:24  It’s time for business bucket list bingo! 09:36 “What will put you in that growth space for the year ahead?”

11:48 How to clone yourself!

13:13  The “Anti-Hustle”

25:48  Stick to driving one car at a time!

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Time to play Bucket List Bingo! Making planning your year a game that you can win!

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