How far could you take your business if you had an army of clones?

This isn’t a sci-fi hypothetical question — this is a very real way to grow your business. And I want to teach you how. No creepy laboratory required!

My idea of cloning myself can be traced back, years ago, to a time when I was in the middle of a very challenging situation. I was in college when I had my firstborn, and ended up bringing her to my classes. I had a full course load and a newborn baby.

People thought I was crazy!

But I managed … even thrived!

And in doing so, I learned some valuable lessons about how to prioritize all of the different aspects of my life, how to set up time-saving systems … and how to ask for help.

Women, especially, struggle with asking for help. You know that ideal of the ‘superwoman’? Able to juggle home, work, and self-care effortlessly (while looking amazing all the while)?

Yeah … in reality, that superwoman is getting support from all sides. And that’s a GOOD thing!

Asking for help is NOT giving up. Asking for help is NOT failure.

Asking for help is a great way to boost your productivity, strengthen your business, and make fabulous connections. What’s important is WHO you ask — and what you ask them to do.

In my latest podcast episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to get more done … in MUCH less time!
  • Why you should sidestep the micromanagement trap — and what you’ll gain from letting go!
  • How to focus on the things that DESERVE your energy — and how to figure out what they are!

Listen below and prepare for phenomenal productivity!

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06:20 How I thrived at college, even with a newborn baby girl!
08:22 “Deciding to delegate — and letting the person you choose do their job well — is an entirely different story”
09:52 The myths that hold us back from growth!
11:39 “I know I wanted to have a creative outlet where I could bring business and creativity together”
14:20 How we leveraged the How to Clone Yourself methodology to scale and grow
15:40 “You know there is more opportunity out there for you!”
16:31 “You are the CEO of your business. You are the CEO of your life!”
17:10 Think ahead for your future — short term and long term
17:56 The four parts to the Clone Yourself process

Thank you for listening! Visit How to Clone Yourself to learn more about this popular 4-week program and find your clone today!
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