Move over, smoking, gambling, and over-eating ice cream — procrastination may be the most common vice in the world!

There are a lot of reasons why people procrastinate: fear, laziness, anxiety, complacency, insecurity … the list goes on.

Not only is procrastination something that I hear about from a LOT of my clients, but it’s something that I used to be guilty of myself!

That’s right, my friend. This productivity champion used to do almost EVERYTHING at the very last minute. And I’m telling you, it was stressful! Because procrastinating on my deliverables is not in alignment with who I am as a person.

My procrastination meant that I was bringing my C-game, not my A-game.

When I had that realization, it threw me for a loop. I knew that I had to make a BIG change! That’s what my latest podcast is all about — how to take your C-game tactics and make the kind of change that leads to A-game results!

In my latest podcast episode, I share:

  • Why it’s SO important to work in ways that align with who you are
  • How to pinpoint your C-game behavior — and why it keeps you playing small!
  • Why you need to meet the universe halfway in order to reach your dreams!
  • Some quick tips on using Right-On-Time thinking v. procrastination

Hit that play button below and let’s get started!

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02:22  “You are right on time, but you still have to show up and meet your plans halfway”

04:00  Avoid using “right-on-time” as an excuse to procrastinate!

06:50  How I learned that I needed to change my work style

07:35  How do you show up in your business as a leader?

09:27  “The idea of bringing my C-game stresses me out!”

11:42  Procrastinating leads to apologizing

13:42  “If you don’t build systems to support you, things are going to be a whole lot harder than they need to be”

15:06  Procrastination v. Right-on-Time thinking

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