Do you look at your bank account and think “man, I should be making more”? It’s time for a change. There comes a point in everyone’s business when they are working WAY too hard and not getting much in return. I’ll help you setup your business so you are making more money and spending less hands-on time chasing down leads, sending emails and doing all the busy work that is NOT within your zone of genius.

Sound good? Let’s start with designing your money plan and figure out how much money you wanna make and how you are going to do it.



How To Get 10X More Done in Less Time

If you’ve been following my How to Clone Yourself series, then this is the ultimate episode that you do NOT want to miss! Today, we’re finally going to get deep into the nitty-gritty of putting together your systems. The systems that will make it feel as...

Want More Profits? Lifehack Your Systems!

Are you ready for the next step in our How to Clone Yourself series? Because I am SO excited to help you build on the skills revealed in the first 5 episodes of this series!You’re going to want to take some notes, because this episode digs even deeper into...

How to Unlock the Power Of Systems with a Few Tweaks

Even more than hiring, even more than outsourcing, what is the most vital thing that you can do to simplify your day-to-day workload and streamline your business processes?Design and implement intuitive systems.Systems are an underpraised cornerstone of...

Forget the ‘To-Do’ List — What is Your ‘Must-Do’ List?

Pablo Picasso said: “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” What’s unnecessary in your life right now? What keeps you from doing the things that you need to do? Marie Kondo created a phenomenon with the idea of simplifying, getting rid of clutter, and...

Make Time Work For You: Discover Your Productivity Superpower

Did you know that, on average, only 2 hours and 53 minutes of an 8-hour workday are actually productive? That sounds crazy, right? What does this mean for your own productivity? Where is your time going -- and how can you optimize it to best serve your business?? Time...

The Power Of Visualization For Better Productivity

Do you ever feel as though you’re just on a treadmill or spinning your wheels? Like you’re constantly working but don’t seem to be making any solid progress? Hustle for hustle’s sake won’t do anything for you or your business. It’s time to get intentional! Focusing...

How to Use Speaking to Turn Audience Members into Clients

    MICHELLE MAZUR, ph.D GUEST WRITER Founder of Communication Rebel Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. is the host of the Rebel Speaker Podcast & the CEO of Communication Rebel where she helps speakers get paid to speak by crafting a message that matters to...

Saying Yes To A Dream And Following Your Heart

    WENDY ANDERSEN GUEST WRITER International best Selling Author &m Speaker, Wendy Anderson Wendy Andersen is on a mission to encourage families to break free from external expectations and to find balance in life. She has spoken at numerous conferences...


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