I love to observe how businesses run because I am into seeing how it can be done right or what can be improved, picking up case studies and insights for my own biz along the way.

When I saw the opportunity to meet the future me on the side of my Facebook wall, I thought what a cool idea!! The Merrill Lynch marketing team is so stinkin’ smart – This campaign is going to go viral for sure!


Needless to say I was hooked and scurried right over to their website. I instantly agreed to their terms and let them take a picture of me so I could see just what I would look like when I retired — A time in my life I think of positively.

At least I thought of it fondly before I saw this picture of myself at at 77:

Can you guess my reaction?

I was highly entertained and a wee bit nervous.

I adjusted my hair. Changed the angle of my face. Adjusted lighting and took the picture again.

Notice I am no longer smiling.

Instead I ran to bed to cry myself to sleep.

Just kidding! I’m not quite that vain.

On the one hand, this strategy worked! I am talking to you about their site, I hung out for a bit and was truly intrigued by this strategy… On the other hand, I don’t even know what retirement options they had for me. I am too busy thinking about how NOT TO LOOK so withered and tired.

Do you see how pronounced those dark circles under my eyes are?

More than anything this post reminded me of the dire need for deep and regular self care so I can look more like Demi Moore as I age.

I’m totally upping my self care game not just because it is good for my skin, but because it is good for business.

Taking time to recharge and turn off the computer gives us time to refuel.

Forbes reports that some of the most successful people take the weekends off.

Back in the early years of climbing the corporate ladder, I would pride myself on my long hours. I even caught myself boasting to a coach recently that I too work seven days a week. What was I thinking?

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to you that research reveals “The greater the performance demand, the greater the need for recovery” (The Energy Project, 2013).

They advise:

The best way to get more done is to spend less time doing it.

You’ve got a lot to do, I know.

You have message to get into the world.

You are motivated.




You will reach your goals.

If you give yourself space and time to do it right.

Are you with me?

I always do better on challenges like this when I’m doing them with a group of fab people like you so it’s action time!

Action Jackson!

Jump onboard on this challenge and let me know what you are going to do to renew in the comments on the blog.

Don’t know where to start?  Let’s brainstorm together on the blog or on your favorite social media hangout!



PS Feeling brave? take a picture of yourself over on the Face Retirement site and post it on my Facebook wall or tag me (@ambermccue) on twitter so I can see it!


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