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LifeOps: Do You Really Want to Work ALL the Time?

Last week my sister was visiting as we were sitting chatting I popped open my laptop to look up something on Google, she asked me a question that I can’t stop thinking about - “Do you really want to work all the time?” It’s the perfect LifeOps topic in more ways than...

Why Being a Jerk Doesn't Pay

Remember the saying “nice guys finish last”? Nothing could be further from the truth. Nice business owners finish first. Because being nice is not what you think. Being nice doesn’t mean you are naive. It’s a way to do business without being a jerk. If you’ve ever...

Delegating 101 – Curse of Knowledge

Have you ever heard of the curse of knowledge? If not, get ready to have a major “aha” moment! The curse of knowledge is a phenomenon that says that it’s difficult to remember what it’s like to not know how to do something once you’ve learned it. So like, if you’ve...

Becoming the CEO: A One Year Adventure

Maternity leave is AMAZING! I have been enjoying nothing but snuggles and goofy faces while spending time with my family. I am a mother to three beautiful girls, (who run the world? -thats right Beyonce!) and I am also a CEO. What does it take to become a CEO? Next...

Grit. “A Significant Predictor of Success”

Grit.  What is Grit? My friend Joanna sent me this super sweet email about the importance of having Grit. She suggested I had a lot of it. Naturally I had to check it out! Watch this Ted talk...(don't worry it is only 6 minutes, and PACKED with goodies that will get...

Did you need a break from your business?

Before last month, my husband and I have NEVER been on a trip alone. We married young, we had a baby - and she was so easy we just took her everywhere, he traveled a lot for work, then I traveled a lot for work, and when we weren't on the road for work we just wanted...

5 Steps You Must Take Before You Hire a Business Coach

There comes that critical, exciting moment in every person’s life when they decide that after years of waiting, they’re ready to...hire a business coach. Hiring a coach is one of those game-changing decisions you make with your business when you’re ready to take...

Is your Business being Naughty or Nice?

Making a list, checking it twice... Has your business been naughty or nice this year? It's okay if you've been a little naughty this year - There's a lot to be learned from breaking the rules, even if you are the one making the rules. Tis' the season to reflect and...

Be The Change

Every time I consider this fact I am shocked and horrified.  Today, in 2013 over 27 million people are enslaved. That’s more than in any other time in history and it’s a problem that knows no borders. Here many of us are with the privilege of building an amazingly...



There’s a new CEO on the block––the Modern CEO–who is changing the was businesses are run. She’s setting her own hours and her own salary. She’s creating a business around what matters most to her…freedom, family, and impact. And her corner office looks nothing like what you’d see on Wall Street. It’s a kitchen table, your grandma’s lake house, a spacious home office, the living room floor (surrounded by kids and crayons), or the local coffee shop. When you embrace your role as modern CEO, you will have more freedom, more profit, and more fun. This isn’t a pipe dream only reserved for a select few. You are the Modern CEO.



“amber is on my metaphorical speed dial, ya’ll.”

Shenee Howard


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